Why Don’t My Facebook Friends Comment on my Updates?

There is no magic bullet to popularity, online or off.

But, without question, you do have the ability to step up your game, get more engaged and become a more socially “liked” person on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and other popular social networks

In this post, I’m going to focus solely on Facebook.

Every time you post something on your Facebook wall, it shows up on your friends ‘News feeds’.

Or, does it?

I would hope so, because your wall posts are without question, the most common way for your friends to see what you’re up to.

That said, most people don’t realize that Facebook, much like Google, uses their own intelligent algorithms to show us the most relevant, popular wall posts from within our friend network.

Take a look at the top of your News Feed in Facebook. Here you will see two tabs, one being Top News and the other being Most Recent.




Think of the Top News feed as similar to the ‘Explore’ feature on Flickr or ‘Trending Topics’ on Twitter. And, keep in mind, with a growing number of friends, each of your own friends become more and more likely to turn ‘OFF’ their ‘Most Recent’ feed and just quickly skim their ‘Top News’ feed. So, if you want your post to be noticed by all your friends, it had better be in their Top News.

So, how do you get your wall posts to show up in your friends’ Top News feed?

For a post to show up in one’s Top News feed, that post must have earned enough social proof. Once it earns enough social proof points, it instantly becomes visible to more people and thus attracts even more attention, ultimately going viral on a small scale.

So, be sure to encourage activity on your posts. Start by adding your own comments and by engaging in a way that leads your friends to reply. Ask questions. Choose interesting topics. Once you start getting ‘Likes’ and responses from your immediate group of friends, your post is almost certain to make ‘Top News’.

Think of it like you’re standing around in a small circle of friends. You say something funny or interesting and your friends laugh or get riled up. This attracts other friends from other circles to come over and see what all the fuss is about. The bigger your circle and the more people that start laughing and carrying on, the bigger  your circle becomes and before long, you’ve gone “viral” and your post ultimately becomes Top News.

In a sense, your friends vote your post up or down based on the number of “likes” and responses they give your post.

Other factors may also contribute to whether you show up on someone’s wall or if they show up on your wall, such as how often you post, generally whether you’ve interacted with certain friends or not in the past. If you talk with Tim often, he is more likely to show up in your Top News feed. If you speak with Tammy only occasionally, it is less likely that she will see your wall posts on her Top News feed or that you will see her posts on your own Top News feed.

Take a look at your own News Feed with the ‘Top News’ tab selected. When I do this, I mostly see wall posts from friends I’ve interacted with a lot in the past. I also see generally popular people who usually get lots of replies with they post.

Most Recent — If you have selected ‘Most Recent’, you will see all of your friends posts.

Top News — If you select ‘Top News’, Facebooks algorithm kicks in and from that point forward, what you see depends totally on how your posts rank within the Facebook set of check points.

How do I get my posts to show up in more of my friends’ News Feeds?

Be creative. Be interesting. Take notice of what’s going on around you and interact. Engage. Be consistent. Getting noticed in social circles does have its benefits and like all things in life, social skills can be developed through practice and by shifting some of your focus and awareness to them in your daily life.

Of course, we live in a magic pill society and people will try to exploit every angle to get the reward without the work. You can try this but just keep in mind, every pill has side effects and they are rarely good ones. I could think of numerous ways right now to go about exploiting Facebook’s algorithm but I know the results would be temporary, dishonest and not valuable to anyone but myself. Just keep in mind, the only real way to the top of any ladder is to do the work and doing the work is where to true reward is. So, if being socially popular is important to you, just do the work.

That said, I’m lazy, too. And, I’m not particularly a social person. I tend to be more introspective and introverted. I have my moments. But, because connecting and interacting with people is so vital to your physical and emotional health as well as to your business health, it’s a skill that I constantly develop.

Develop your social skills and take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and other popular social networks. Just be careful that you don’t lose sight of what the real point of it all is. Reach out often. Entertain your friends. Make an effort to make people smile and be happy. The ability to make your friends laugh is perhaps your greatest skill of all. Entertain. Engage. You will only get out what you put in.

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