Have you ever experienced a time when amazing things seemed to “just happen” and opportunities seemed to fall effortlessly into your lap…?

I have. I call this, being in “the zone”.

Entering The Zone

I’ve recognized the existence of “the zone” throughout my life but I’ve not always realized that I could effortlessly put myself there, at will. Getting into the zone used to seem impossible. Now it’s easy.

In fact, I can step into and out of the zone at will, instantly, at any time.

Taking a Break: Stepping Out of The Zone

“Why would I want to step OUT of the zone”, you might ask…?

I like to step out of the zone from time to time so I can take a break. Living in the zone requires a lot of energy. I find when I’m zoning hard, I’m traveling non-stop, doing projects with little rest, I’m going, going, going all day, every day. So, when the time is right, I choose to let opportunities slip by while I relax and recoup.

Don’t be afraid to step into and out of the zone from time to time. Wealth and Success are not finite things. There is infinite wealth in the Universe and you can claim it anytime you’re ready.

That said, some people may find it difficult to remain in the zone once there, remaining in the zone indefinitely is totally attainable and it’s a beautifully simple thing.

Why might it seem difficult or nearly impossible to get into the zone and remain there?

In the beginning it seemed difficult to me because I didn’t really know what I was doing. I might wake up one day and think, “things are just going my way right now, it seems like nothing can go wrong”. But, it wouldn’t take long before I’d just as blindly stumble right back out of the zone, just as I’d stumbled into it.

How Does The Zone Work?

It’s easy to sort of stumble into the zone. To get into the zone, there is really only one thing we have to do…. that’s to want something and open ourselves up and believe that we can have it. That’s all it really takes to get things flowing.

However, one of the natural consequences of stepping into the zone is that when you ask the Universe to deliver, it DOES deliver but you might not be ready for what is about to come.

For me, as soon as I’d wake up in the zone, it would seem like the first thing that would happen is life would subsequently keep asking me to step outside of my comfort zone, again and again. Altering my course would mean drastic change. The Universe was delivering the opportunity for change but, as soon as I’d start taking a step down a new, unfamiliar path, I would naturally resist the change.

How Do I Get Into The Zone?

To remain in the zone, there is really only one thing we have to do… and that is, accept the changes that are happening without resisting. Our realization allows us to even begin to recognize that we ARE resisting. By merely recognizing that we’re resisting, it allows us the awareness that we need in order to consciously stop resisting.

The Universe can deliver whatever we ask for right to our doorsteps. For me it would generally start with a series of amazing, back-to-back experiences that seem too unlikely to be chance occurrence. I’d recognize those things happening right away. But, those occurrences would always require me to take some kind of action in response to them if I wanted any real results. They were merely opportunities. Now, I needed to take action.

Why Can’t I Seem to Stay in The Zone Once I am There?

Unfortunately, this situation, though incredible and awesome on one hand, would also feel uncomfortable to me on the other. So, I would resist and take a step back to pause and the next thing I’d know, I’m out of the flow and the opportunity has past.

Sometimes I wouldn’t even see the opportunities or the stepping stones because I wasn’t watching for them. And, sometimes if I did see them, I’d quickly begin to question them. They sometimes seemed to be leading me right off a cliff and my mind was like, “F that”! So, I would retreat and end up right back where I started… definitely no longer in the zone and with no idea how to get back into the zone.

Sadly, most people choose to retreat when we begin feeling uncomfortable. It’s human nature. We avoid discomfort.

The key is to stay the course. Don’t resist. Don’t even hesitate. Accept the changes that are taking place.

Is it Just a Mental Game? Are we Psyching Ourselves Out?

The short answer is, “Yes”.

When we take the leap into the zone and change begins to happen, good or bad, it’s a mistake to question the change to the point of psyching ourselves out. It’s OK to question things but the ultimate required reaction is to simply accept whatever is being presented to us with open arms. As long as we are acting with intention, that is, knowing what we want, asking for it and believing we will achieve whatever we’re after, at that moment, whatever presents itself will truly be exactly what we need right now to help us reach our goal.

We’re asking for it. The Universe is delivering it in a gift wrapped box. Let’s not question it. Let’s just accept it. Staying the course is key. So, STAY and let those amazing things begin to happen. STAY, even if it seems scary at first. Soon we’ll begin to see that the scary stuff only lasts for a moment and is quickly replaced with amazing discovery.

Seeing The Effects

Stick with it and soon, we will look in our rear view mirrors and realize that by taking that uncomfortable step forward, we just quantum leaped ourselves almost instantly to the far shores of endless opportunity.

It really is that simple.

Ask. Wait. Recognize. Accept. Act.

1. Ask for what you want
2. Wait for the opportunity to present itself
3. Recognize the opportunity
4. Accept the opportunity and,
5. Take action.

Once I learned how to do this, life has never looked the same to me and I have been infinitely blessed with a clear cut path ahead of me.

Do you want to be able to effortlessly step into the zone?

You can do it.

One thing that helped me was…

Daily Meditation

Meditation can help develop mental clarity and self-control… two things that seem to help me consciously steer myself into the zone. I know I had trouble in the beginning. But, I quickly discovered meditation and found it to be a great core habit to adopt. I have personally been meditating 1-2 times per day for almost 5 years now. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get into the zone without being experienced at meditation. Meditation is a great tool but it is not vital in life. But, I do believe that meditation has helped me work out my “brain muscles”, so to speak, and has helped me develop my ability to navigate more easily into the zone. I would encourage anyone who’s unsure about meditation to consider learning more about it.

Learning More About Meditation

There are lots of free resources on the subject of meditation that you can find online but personally, I chose to dive in without any guidance at all. I just began experimenting.

I eventually developed my own understanding of meditation. It was interesting to evolve my understanding of meditation slowly and internally. Over time, I began to carve out my own unique experience meditating, similar I suppose to the very first people who discovered the concept of meditation thousands of years ago.

No guide. No rules. Nothing to mess up or get wrong.

I later found that the experiences I had been having during meditation were very similar to reports by others who were also into meditation.

This seemed really strange to me because I had apparently reacted to the experience almost identically to every other person before me… including the ancient masters who spent many years meditating and, I did it with no outside guidance. It made me feel more connected somehow knowing this.

That said, not everyone needs to approach it in this way. I know many people who got started after researching the topic of meditation before jumping in and they seem to also have had an amazing experience with meditation. So, don’t worry about doing it right or wrong. Just follow your gut instincts and you can’t go wrong.

Learning How to Meditate

For several resources on meditation, along with an amazing educational package that I personally find invaluable, look into Philosopher’s Notes… I’ve spent countless hours listening to these notes as I ride bike in the mornings and they’re great.

Meditation Software, Neuroscience and How the Brain Works

You may also want to familiarize yourself with Holosync, which is a pretty incredible tool powered by neuroscience. It is one way to get started with meditation and for me it has helped achieve deeper meditation, faster and with less effort.