OK, let’s face it, you’re probably not going to become a Fortune 500 CEO anytime soon. If you are, let me know in the comments area below so I can brag about it to my readers.

Oh well, the last thing most entrepreneurs want to do is work in a corporate setting.

Still, this is interesting…

Back in college, one of my many over-achieving drinking buddies happened to be a proud Philosophy major. Hanging out in a sports bar with Philosophy majors = one revelation after another. We figured it all out more than once.

But, when I met him, he told me that according to his Philosophy Professor, something like 40% of all Fortune 500 CEO’s were at one time or another, Philosophy Majors in College. I thought that was a pretty interesting statistic.

NOTE TO FUTURE SELF:  (When traveling back in time) be sure to  let Marty know, just because 40% of Fortune 500 CEO’s were at one time Philosophy majors doesn’t mean 40% of Philosphy 101 attendees are going to be America’s top brains and you’re all going to be Fortune 500 CEO’s. Ha! I should have said that back then dammit!

Now, 12 years later, looking around online I’m not so sure that statistic is true at all. At least I can’t find anything to back that up on teh Interwebs.

However, I have found that more Fortune 500 CEO’s have at some time or another either been in finance (30% ish) or marketing (30% ish)… IN YOUR FACE, MARTY!

But, for realz, those seem to be king traits of F500 CEOs according to what I’ve seen so far.

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