As prolific as Google is when it comes to acquiring, developing and releasing tool after tool, it’s really their search tools that shine so bright.

The Google Insights search tool helps searchers explore and peer deep into Google’s ginormous black hole of a database to pull out some useful search data revealing trends, rising searches and most popular search terms.

Niche Research

Google Insights is especially useful for product and niche research and can easily uncover the most searched and top up-and-coming search terms for a given period (currently 7-days, 30-days, 90-days, 365-days or more).

Drill Down

You can click a term to drill down deeper and learn more about a specific term that interests you.

This helps you develop a better understanding of when a search term began to grow in popularity so you might better understand the trends you’re witnessing.

Gauging Local Market Trends

Visualize regional interests and even view a time lapsed display of results as they occur over the last couple weeks.

Discover Related Search Terms

If, like me, you market affiliate offers, CPA offers, etc., then you realize how important it is to discover the right keywords to use in your efforts. From right inside Google insights you can see additional popular, related search phrases as well as other similar search trends.

Expanding your Search with Google Keyword Tools

Once you’ve found your top trendy keywords, expand your search with Google’s very own free keyword research tool

Expanding Your Search with Google Trends

Google Trends is another powerful Google Search Tool that I hope you’ll look into if you haven’t already. With it, you’ll be able to see the hottest keyword trends and tap into the most happening terms on the net, at the moment. This is a great way to jump on board a freight train before it loses steam.

If you do a lot of strategic, opportunistic marketing, your attention may be drawn to celebrity names such as brad womack, rebecca black, etc. Recently, after the 20/20 interview with Charlie Sheen, his name topped the Google Trends list for days. And, after the Tsunami devastated Japan and now as the threat of a nuclear meltdown threatens the nation of Japan, you’ll notice lots of related terms show up on Google Trends.

Because of their tendency to go viral, savvy Internet marketers are lining up to exploit Google Trends and any other hot topics as they reveal themselves. Expect to see terms grow exponentially in competition almost the moment they hit the Google Trends top 10 list!

Although, current affairs can and do generate traffic, you may want to consider steering clear of opportunistic marketing as it is obviously highly frowned upon.

Note To Self: Don’t forget to Exploit Google Trends via Facebook Pages

OK. I probably shouldn’t… But, Facebook pages are so huge right now and have been for a couple years now.

It’s common to build Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups to take advantage of hot topics when they 1st become hot topics.

I knew one guy in a popular marketing forum who had over 1 Million members in his Facebook Group. His group was related to breast cancer awareness. He was able to earn roughly $5,000/day by advertising CPA offers for very short spurts of roughly 20-30 minutes at a time before removing the offers from his page. Of course, people frowned highly on  his marketing approaches and he admitted feeling pretty lousy after making that kind of money in such a way.

Errrm, ya think?

NOTE: A few frowned upon but commonly used Power Tools: SENuke, XRUMER

TIP: Last year I created a WordPress Plugin that looks for the top 10 Google Trends each day and drip feeds related content to a blog.

OK, I’m tapped on the subject of Niche Research for today.

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