I’m passionate about this subject.

As humans, we are unable to learn creativity. Fortunately, there is no need since we are infinitely creative from birth. Instead, we must unclog our creative pathways.

As Picasso once put it, “we are all artists as children, the problem is trying to remain artists as we grow older”.

During childhood we almost immediately begin to close off to creativity. Our parents unwittingly kick things off by excessively controlling us and over-structuring our lives. We end up in a box with invisible boundaries that we can rarely bring ourselves to step outside of, even if we want to.

Fortunately, at any time, we are capable of rewiring our minds and reopening the holy grail of creativity. It is not difficult to stimulate the creative process in the brain. Your brain will instantly begin to work as it was originally intended but you must first begin to reform the neurological pathways to the creative centres in the brain that have likely become overgrown with weeds and brush.

The 1st step to reenable our creativity is through conscious intent. Look at an issue that interests you and begin to ask questions… how could this thing become something better? Why is this thing being done in this way? Why not in this way or that way? What if…?

Even the smallest creative spark is enough to get the ball rolling again. You may just be stuck. You may have been stuck since childhood and your gears may have become rusted over. It will be harder for some than others to unclog the pipelines.

Why are we stuck?

Anyone who feels they lack creativity probably feel that way because as children they were rewarded for being logical, left-brained thinkers and often scolded or at least not rewarded for being creative, right-brained thinkers.

The education system teaches our children that art and creative thinking are not vital to our success. Creative arts are the 1st to be cut from school curriculum when faced with lack of funding. Kids feel like they will be frowned upon by mom and dad and their counselors for choosing art class over Math class and they’re right. The education system finds art less important than other subjects sending a message to children that art isn’t important.

As a result, kids grow up to become adults, passing their learned beliefs on to their own children. It’s a vicious cycle. Teachers are teaching our children to become teachers… just like them… not creative individuals.

For anyone who cares to watch it, there is an amazing TED talk on this subject that I’m sure you’ll find compelling:

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