I recently threw my 1st big mastermind in LA this weekend. It was awesome.

I was honored to bond and create strong friendships with some amazing people including Matt Mickiewicz, (owner of Sitepoint, Flippa and 99Designs), Matt Trainer, Ted Dhaniks (one of the original drivers behind MySpace) and tons of top CPA gurus, Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers who I’m equally grateful to have spent time with this weekend.

I’m amazed at the sorts of things that can come from bringing like-minded people together who all share a passion.

I believe the Internet brings people more closely together, more easily and in more ways than we ever had at our disposal in the past. This is an opportunity to explore.

I’ve noticed so many Internet Marketing gurus not only embrace the mastermind concept but further, to encourage all their own customers and fans to do the same.

It was Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich — who 1st coined the phrase, mastermind and helped make it a part of our everyday language.


Napoleon Hill emphasized the importance of belonging to a group of like minded people and he believed masterminds to be a true principal of success.

That’s why it was appropriate for us to have Greg Reid (left) with us this weekend. Greg, author of over 40 best sellers, was hand-picked by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to carry on Napoleon Hill’s work.

In our mastermind, which consisted of about 20 highly-successful online entrepreneurs, one of the trending topics was that most members wished they belonged to MORE masterminds and that they had gotten into masterminds earlier on. They nearly all saw the power of having mentors.

The cool thing is, we can all start our own tribes now… and to great benefit to ourselves and others. There is a lot of power in numbers.

Even more, don’t just create a tribe but, create a tribe blueprint that you can then use to create more and more similar tribes throughout the country and the world. This is when your efforts really begin to blossom into something incredible.

Personally, myself and two partners have already organized masterminds all along the West Coast in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Our next mastermind will be in San Francisco in November and I’m already looking forward to it!

If you are reading this and feel you’d be a great fit into our group, let me know and we can talk.

Now, for Seth Godins’ Ted Talk on Tribes. This is a good one…

“You can accomplish good or bad things with a tribe. Hitler had a strong tribe. Terrorists already know and live these concepts very much. We just need more good people to embrace these concepts for good causes.” Rex Williams