I’ve been blogging since 2004.

As soon as pinning a post to the top of my blog became an option, I immediately understood the value.

Literally, one of the easiest and smartest things you can do to give your readers the best user experience is to highlight your most interesting content so they don’t have to look hard to find it. It’s also a great way to keep your visitors focus on whatever you most WANT them to pay attention to.

When it comes to the new Facebook Timeline for your pages, be sure to take advantage of “pinning” content so it becomes the 1st thing a new visitor sees.

It’s easy. And, it works.

If you pin something, it will show up at the top of your timeline. Everything beneath your pinned content is displayed based on chronological order. You can also remove some items if you don’t want them to show up.

The problem with pinning something to your timeline is, you can’t pin everything. So, what can you pin that will give you the best results?

Here’s a list of things you might want to pin to the top of your timeline on your Facebook Page.

Tell your Story

In business, they call it your Elevator Pitch. It’s a short little one paragraph description of your business that makes you special from every other business out there. You want to set yourself apart. The shorter version of this is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). The Elevator pitch is slightly longer.

So, put this into a compelling video, surround it with a small text description.

If videos aren’t your thing, MAKE videos your thing. They convert 200%-300% better than written text even if you are an amazing writer. This is proven. If you still won’t budge, try this instead: Create an image or even better, a compelling infographic and make that your pin.

NOTE: Keep in mind, there are very few restrictions on your status updates now. You have as many as 60,000 characters to work with which works out to nearly 250 pages of type written content. That’s more than enough room to get your point accross.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your FAQ should either be a post or you can write a “note” using the native notes application.

Post Your Wall Policy

As your fan base begins to grow, you may wish to elaborate to your fans a set of guidelines for your page’s wall.

Again, you could write this as a status update, or as a note on your page.

Your Latest Sale Or Promotion

If you launch a new product or release a major update to a product, be sure to pin a new po during the promotion. You can always “unpin” it when the launch is over and pin your elevator pitch back up. You can also pin a coupon code or some other temporary incentive to buy.

If you are doing a promotion, consider including large graphics that make use of the entire space (404 pixels square for pinned posts and 843px by 403px for highlighted posts).

Contest Winners!

It’s commmon to run promotions and especially contests on Facebook pages. People usually get this part right. But, they rarely take the time to properly highlight the winners of their contests. People don’t expect to win. But, they at least like to live vicariously through the lucky winners. This is why you so often see sweepstakes winners on the news holding up an over-sized cashiers check with a big grin on their face. It makes others feel more like the contest is legitimate and keeps people interested.

So, don’t forget to feature your winners!

Urgent Information and Critical Updates

Did WordPress release an update and your plugin stopped working? Are you planning some server down time? Has there been a small natural disaster that has interrupted your business?

Whenever a disruption takes place, take advantage of your pinned post section to address it. Even something small small like Holiday hours or a minor product update, for example.

Pinning Vs Highlighting

Some things want to be pinned. Other things want to be highlighted. Here are some tips for you:

1. Pinned posts show up at the top left column on your wall.

2. Highlight posts span both columns of your wall, doubling its width.

3. It is not possible to pin and highlight the same post.

How To Hilight a Post on Your Page’s Wall:

1. Click the star icon that appears when you move your mouse to the upper right-hand corner of any post.
2. Done!

How to Pin a Post on Your Page’s Wall:

1. To pin a post, click the pencil icon that shows up when you mouse to the upper right-hand corner.
2. Done!

Here are a few examples of things you may wish to pin but which may be better of as high-lighted posts:

SAMPLE 1: Highlight a photo of your billboard. Pin equivelent? Pin a Link to a photo album showing ALL of your ads.
SAMPLE 2: Highlight a video clip of your latest Video Ad. Pin equivelent? Pin a link to your YouTube Channel containing ALL your Video Ads.
SAMPLE 3: Highlight an amazing customer testimonial. Pin equivelent? Pin a link to your full list of testimonials.
SAMPLE 4: Highlight the customer or employee of the month. Pin equivelent? Pin a list of employees + contact details or your business portfolio of your work.

Regardless of what you pin to your wall, consider going back to the previously pinned item (your elevator pitch or whatever it may be) and highlight it, causing it to span two columns. This way, you end up taking full advantage of both pinning and highlighting posts.

Readers, please share your pinning and highlighting strategies below. What do your normally pin on your Page?