You may have noticed, Facebook has recently introduced a new feature to help keep better track of your closest friends’s feeds. Now you can “star” your friends, thereby adding them to your “close friends” group, making their posts more visible.

Though a pretty nifty feature, Facebook made a small tactical error when introducing the star feature. If you were on Facebook suddenly you might have noticed some photos of your friends show up near the top of your wall.

If, like me, you too made the mistake of clicking on any of these photos, you would be adding this person to your “closest friends” feed. You will now begin seeing a lot more of this person on your feed and even on your smart phone.

If this happened to you, as it did to me, you may be wondering how to “Unstar” a friend and remove them from your “closest friends” group.

How to remove/un-star your friend from your “closest friends” group:

– Open this page:
– Click “Close Friends”
– Now you can see your friends’ profile pics on your “Close Friends” list (near the top right corner)
– Click “See All”
– Hover over your friend’s profile photo and click the “X” to remove your friend from the list