Every few months, Tai Lopez, Tim Houston and myself throw a mastermind in Hollywood, CA.

The last mastermind we hosted, one of our members asked the group to participate in a quick brainstorm on what domain they should pick for their new business.

My answer was simple.

Let others come up with your domain name ideas for you.

This is where PickyDomains.com comes into the picture.


Instead of spending hours and hours of your valuable time trying to come up with an original idea yourself (and let’s face it, your domain ideas are good but they’re rarely great, right?)… instead you write a brief description of your business idea and turn it over to the pros.

Within no time, an ARMY of creative thinkers start pouring smart, creative domain ideas into your account.

Then, simply go through the ideas, mark the ones you really like, throw the rest out. Before you know it, you have a short list of really great domains to pick from.

For example, if your business idea is, “Fitness Blog for girls”

You may end up with TrimChic.com

You want to make “A diet, calorie, and weight loss tracker.”

Presto… EyesOnFries.com

“Buyer/Seller Matching Service”?

How about MerchMatch.com?

Phenomenal. I’m sold.

Here is the Deal

If you like any of the domains they come up with, you can buy that domain for normal going rates + a $50 fee for their service.

If you DON’T like what they deliver, you get a refund. Plain and simple.

PickyDomains.com is by far the best domain name service I’ve seen, bar none. I think the Army approach is far and away the easiest, best approach and I always get far better results with them than when doing searches on my own, even with the help of powerful, amazing tools like BustaName which is great for do-it-yourself’ers.

Still, as they say, “two heads are better than one”.