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OK, let’s face it, you’re probably not going to become a Fortune 500 CEO anytime soon. If you are, let me know in the comments area below so I can brag about it to my readers. Oh well, the last thing most entrepreneurs want to do is work in a corporate setting. Still, this is […]Continue Reading


Internet Marketing is about two things, plain and simple: Traffic & Conversions You can’t increase conversions until you can anticipate your site visitors’ thoughts and actions. Then you will be able to model your site in a way that converts. There are things you can do to increase conversions but don’t expect a miracle. It […]Continue Reading


“Let’s Go Viral On Facebook!” Last month, I decided to go to a Mike Koenigs event in San Diego. A couple days before the event, Kelly Felix ( mentioned a dude by the name of Rob Jones ( on FaceBook as someone who is at the brink of making it big time in the Internet […]Continue Reading


I recently threw my 1st big mastermind in LA this weekend. It was awesome. I was honored to bond and create strong friendships with some amazing people including Matt Mickiewicz, (owner of Sitepoint, Flippa and 99Designs), Matt Trainer, Ted Dhaniks (one of the original drivers behind MySpace) and tons of top CPA gurus, Entrepreneurs and […]Continue Reading


Google monitors what content you are viewing and records that data so that they can deliver ads to you.Continue Reading


You do have the ability to step up your game, get more engaged and become a more socially “liked” person on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and other popular social networks…Continue Reading


As prolific as Google is when it comes to acquiring, developing and releasing tool after tool, it’s really their search tools that shine so bright. The Google Insights search tool helps searchers explore and peer deep into Google’s ginormous black hole of a database to pull out some useful search data revealing trends, rising searches […]Continue Reading