Have you ever experienced a time when amazing things seemed to “just happen” and opportunities seemed to fall effortlessly into your lap…? I have. I call this, being in “the zone”. Entering The Zone I’ve recognized the existence of “the zone” throughout my life but I’ve not always realized that I could effortlessly put myself […]Continue Reading


I’ve been blogging since 2004. As soon as pinning a post to the top of my blog became an option, I immediately understood the value. Literally, one of the easiest and smartest things you can do to give your readers the best user experience is to highlight your most interesting content so they don’t have […]Continue Reading


You may have noticed, Facebook has recently introduced a new feature to help keep better track of your closest friends’s feeds. Now you can “star” your friends, thereby adding them to your “close friends” group, making their posts more visible. Though a pretty nifty feature, Facebook made a small tactical error when introducing the star […]Continue Reading